remarketing wheel

No glass ball

Decision-making based on facts

Is it not possible to predict the residual value? Do you know how much you miss due to the administrative burden? Can you shorten throughout times more?

Determine for yourself with which indicators you receive the right signals to always send in a timely manner and create your own remarketing dashboard. You determine the indicators in the Remarketing wheel yourself, and we supply the benchmark to you. Smart handling of the sale of large quantities of vehicles requires insight and overview based on market data AND own data generated by own remarketing activities.

On the right track

Determine your fastest route

The Remarketing Wheel is your navigator on the many roads that are possible for success in the sales of used cars and contract handling.
You determine the settings, the measurement points, the comparable benchmarks and the reporting frequency yourself.

Avoid congestion

Do not focus only on return or yield compared to the benchmark; for the long term, for example, the number of active bidders is relevant. When you only focus on quality, you can lose a lot of speed.
The Remarketing Wheel always helps you to weigh all variables in the right way, in your own way.

Residual value

Sustainable increase

You cannot make policy on incidents of high or low yield. Results from the past are no guarantee for the future.

You avoid disappointments in residual values, when you have a buyer group in mind for your car. This buyer group fits the car so that your end term can realise a high residual value. With the Remarketing Wheel we remind you that you can make your choice between "upstream remarketing", closed or open buyer group, export or retail.

With the data from the Remarketing Wheel, you know where you need to adjust commercial strength, management, profitability, and quality.

What it is

The Remarketing Wheel is a collection of graphs of which you determine the measuring range on the basis of relevant data from your own activities. The Remarketing wheel can be linked to all platforms offered by AVN Remarketing. After logging in, on the platform you use, you get a real-time report (infographic design) on the 4 elements; commercial strength, profitability, quality and management.

Every month your data is 'benchmarked' and you can request strategic advice from the AVN Remarketing consultant if you wish.

What it does

The Remarketing Wheel shows where you stand and indicates where you want to go (or should go to). You can compare yourself for example on the following items:

Commercial strength with which you measure the marketability, such as the number of bids, the number of bidders, the conversion and the conversion speed.

Profitability  that provides insight into revenue compared to estimates and expectations in the market.

Management provides an overview of lead times, charges and estimates.

Quality compares the average state of your vehicles based on, among other things, mileage and age.


Targets are determined on the basis of an economy model. Savings can amount to several hundred euros per car sold.

check Unique insight on all measurement points

check Always timely intervention during 'leakage'

check Relevant management reporting one mouse click away

checkSave more than you think!

Do we have your interest?

Request a demo! We would like to demonstrate the effect and outcome of the Remarketing Wheel.
Consider in advance which measurements are relevant to you. We handle your data discreetly!

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