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Broaden your horizon

Make sure your used-car offer is marketed faster and wider than others; customers are waiting less and less.
The Remarketing Pro Platform enables you to reach all active car-auctioneers with one mouse click, and simultaneously receive bids. There’s no better comparison method. Better selling is never a guarantee, yet always a possibility.

upstream remarketing

Firm Flow

The Remarketing Pro Platform facilitates sensible retail. Retail activities only make sense if you take into account the lead time, and you optimize and control the quality of presentation. Extra functionalities will allow you to approach consumers before physical intake without any major risks regarding the quality of your cars. This is the key to success in upselling, cross-selling and building your brand.

Return on investment

Doesn't Happen Overnight

Strategic insight and overview is supported by the application. It’s easy to connect multiple professional parties, assuring the highest bid from the B2B market. The real return is dormant in sales to end users. We strive to allow consumer access to a specific bidding platform, thus generating valuable leads. The Remarketing Pro Platform helps you to complete any process you wish without any obstacles.

What it is

The most comprehensive functionalities for the most demanding remarketer. An opportunity to present cars before the contract is physically terminated, making you a step ahead of everyone. More time for sales means more yield.

When time is short, you can have several auction houses bid at the same time, at the single push of a button. You can set specific actions depending on the car. Total freedom to use all the opportunities on the used-car market.

Using this application, you can review all results centrally in one system.

What is the difference

See the differences between inspection and Remarketing platforms

What it does

Always get the best price, know it and prove it. Enables you to present cars that have been inspected by different parties, and offer to all parties, whether this concerns export, retail, wholesale or commission agents. You are always a few mouse clicks away from the best potential buyers.

Rely on expert support to determine your best strategy, at any time and for any car.


check The best bids from the largest buyer base

check Receive bids from all auction houses simultaneously

check Sell cars before end of contract

check Save time through smart links

check All advantages of the Inspection platform

check Aladvantages of the Remarketing platform

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