Remarketing platform

Bind and fascinate bidders

Add value

The value of a company is partly determined by the size and quality of the buyer group. When you offer cars at fixed times and in the same way, you create loyal bidding behaviour. You decide for yourself how you choose to work and you can always count on the support of professional auctioneers.
Professional fleet managers cannot do without the structural and disciplined approach facilitated by Remarketing platform.


Active buyer group

You can easily bind a permanent and active buyer group to your company. With the online tender system up to and including a fully insightful hammer auction, you keep everything transparent.
It is easy to make a choice from successive working methods. You can choose from various options; from a closed buyer group to offering to companies in the Netherlands and abroad.


Receive your own buyer group in a familiar environment with its own conditions by presenting the Remarketing platform in your own look and feel.

More profit

Switch quickly

Do you want to be able to switch quickly to reach the best buyer group? Every car attracts a different audience. This requires strategic planning that can be adapted to the supply and circumstances at any time.

Stick to the 'law'

Protecting residual values creates scarity. Everyone knows that only a few act accordingly. With the system of the Remarketing platform and the support of the auctioneers (if desired), you can avoid pitfalls.

What it is

The complete settlement of your remarketing on one platform via a method that will always suit you. All the benefits of the Inspection platform with extra functionalities with which you can handle sales:

  • Captive sales - closed buyer group
  • Open sales via
  • Tender sale - on subscription (5 variations)
  • Gavel auction
  • Flash bid

The Captive sale is very suitable to organise and handle auctions for a limited target group under its own name and with its own rules. An advantage is the addition of the Flash bid; At lightning speed and in the weekend you can ask a fixed bidders group for guaranteed bids within a minimum of 20 minutes.

What is the difference

View the differences with the Inspection and Remarketing platforms

What it does

'Self control'

Organise your sales yourself at a time and with a buyer group chosen by yourself. Management of the platform is in your hands where you can arrange the handling (financial and administrative).


All applications are designed in such a way that a link with the lease management application and/or rental system can be realised easily and quickly. With the leading systems and data providers, transporters and portals, links have been active for years. The Remarketing platform is unique in number and quality of links with lease management or rental applications.


check Grip on your own buyer group

check A simple sales handling process

check Great savings on commissions and sales fee

check Linking to all lease management systems

check Always a sales safety net on hand

check Gather bids fast or super-fast

check Insight into detail prevents discussion

Do we have your interest?

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