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Your profit evaporates

Quick handling

With the trade-in offer, you are usually not the first party a consumer consults. Your bid must therefore be “quick and good in one go” so you can make a profit.
With this app, you consult multiple bidders at once and you have a partner of size in your negotiating process.

Fast sale

Make sure that your used car offer is faster and broader on the market than that of others; customers have less and less patience or time. If you want to cover your back, then this app helps you with just one click.

Making a profit and winning the negotiations finally come together in the Carbidder app.


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Sharp vision

Knowing visor sharply

Do you always want to be on top of purchasing and trade-in? To always determine the right strategy?
When is which salesperson successful in a trade-in transaction? If you know that, you also know where to offer support. This makes you focus on the relevant matters. Previous appraisals are immediately stored digitally. At every location and at any time you speak the same language as the customer.

More profit

Sell more revenue

simply and quickly determine the right trade-in price and accelerate the resale through well-regulated processes. For example, with the links your CRM and DMS, you simply save the digital report and link it directly to the right customer profile.

If desired, you can let the customer inspect the car him/herself with the Carbidder app. That fits more and more customers; it is autonomous and effective and you remain in control of the process.

Negotiate toughly without becoming rude

Keeping in mind the values that are mentioned in several places, you give insight to the sales person and also to customers. With the guaranteed values, which you will receive within 20 minutes, every sales person the confidence that the trade-in bid is appropriate. This will prevent disappointments.

What it is

Simple for everyone

The Carbidder app helps sales persons to do a valuation without errors. You are able to record cars offered for trade-in easily and always in the same manner. You can easily link all that data to a CRM or lead management application that you already use. All data will be transfered instantly to the correct database. With instruction videos, we make the instructions and transfer even easier.

Managing the process

Of course, you can also use the report to request a bid. Then you use the 'flash bid’ of Carbidder.
A link with Carbidder ensures that you always master the structure, discipline and communication around the entire process of trade-in and resale. This makes it also easy to manage the (planning of) workshop assignments, location recording and transport assignments.

What it does

The Carbidder app always follows the same route to create a vehicle report. This prevents incorrect description of damage and/or options. This makes it easy to determine whether you want to sell or dispose of a vehicle yourself.

The uniform reports appeal to your buyer group. Whichever that is. In combination with Carbidder you have most bidders under a single button and all bids in one overview. This gives you the choice to request a bid either internally or in your own buyer group or through auction houses. You never bid too much or too little again, that is going to be a success!


check The best bids from the largest buyer group

check Everyone values in the same way

check Calculation of damage costs to be determined by laymen

check Links with CRM, DMS, auction houses and more

check Quick process with the smartphone

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