car inspection apps

Your timing, your workflow

One goal, multiple variations

Vehicle assessment is increasingly necessary in several different ways. Many variations to achieve the same goal: visualize the car optimally and digitally. This is possible with our Car Inspection apps.

Whoever you are, whatever you're doing

You can inspect a vehicle for different purposes. You basically map the condition of the vehicle, but the purpose of this action may differ. All our Car Inspection apps are developed by and with people from practice. We have developed apps for:

  • Car rental companies and their hikers
  • Leasing companies
  • Transport- and salvage companies
  • Body companies
  • Fleet owners
  • Retailers
  • And more...

Do you repair car damage

And do you repair damaged cars?

Damage Intake app

Body shops
Fleet owners
Insurers / intermediaries

Do you manage trucks

And do you manage all fleet of trucks?

Truck Scan App

Leasing companies
Fleet owners
Transport companies
Towing firms
Truck sellers

Are you a car rental company

Do you rent and deliver cars?

Hiker App

Car rental companies
Car transporters
Fleet owners
Leasing companies

Do you trade cars

And do you want to be able to do that much more often, faster and better?

Car Bidder app


Are you a lease company

And do you not want any hassle or discussions?

CarSelfScan app

Leasing companies
Rental companies
Fleet owners

Contract termination & value appraisal

And when the contract ends, do you want to deal with damage faster and better?

Car Inspection app

Leasing companies
Fleet owners